About Us

We noticed how whether you make a Rs. 100 payment or a Rs. 10,000 payment, online payment is the same cumbersome process.

The risk associated with the transactions are different but you face the same tedious procedures. Micro transactions see transaction drops due to multiple hops from merchant to aggregator to bank/card gateway and back. At the PayU , we wanted to solve the problem of convenience for small value transactions. That's why LazyPay was conceptualised and developed!

We at PayU put you, the consumer and your needs at the centre of every product we build here. Our team’s collective backgrounds are from the worlds of technology, user experience, payments, and banking.

PayU India is the flagship company of Naspers group which is a $25 Billion internet and media conglomerate listed on London and Johannesburg stock exchanges respectively. PayU provides state-of-the-art payment gateway solutions to online businesses through its cutting-edge and award winning technology.