Mothers are the best. They are always eager to listen, quick to give wise advice, and ever-ready to serve delicious and healthy delicacies whenever we are down. From spending sleepless nights during our sicknesses to putting up with those rebellious teenage years, they have dealt with a lot. They have come rushing from their offices to attend PTAs and cheered on during every sports day and annual day, come rain or hail. 

While it’s impossible to ever repay them for their kindness, sacrifices, and utmost strength and resilience in helping us cross hurdles, we can buy her something special on a day dedicated solely to her. May 08 is international mother’s day, an ode to countless mothers worldwide. Let’s look at some gift ideas to show them how much you care. Not just to our moms, they will appeal to every woman who has made our lives brighter, wives, grandmothers, friends, bosses, and so on.

A Cool and Useful Gadget or Appliance 

Has your mom been fidgeting with her mobile charging cable? Is she missing out on her favourite web series due to a laptop issue? Has she been looking for her AirPods for many days unsuccessfully? Is her mobile sick and slowly dying? Has she been struggling with her blender or mixer lately? 

Then you have your answer. Gift your mother a new smartphone, or kitchen appliance that she will like. For all those moms who are book worms, a Kindle reader could also be a great option. Search online for a feature-rich laptop that she can work on, and watch movies on as well. If your mom has been the family photographer for years, why not gift her a great camera?

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Gift Vouchers to Salons and Spas

Book her for a blissful day at the spa or salon, and let her get pampered. Make sure that the salon is reputed and follows Covid-19 protocols, regarding sanitisation and safety of guests. A relaxing facial, massage, or pedicure, will provide relief from stress and let her unwind and enjoy the day.

Cook Her Favourite Dishes 

For all the delicious meals and snacks she has fed you over the years, now is the time to let her sit back and enjoy your cooking. Order all your supplies from Dunzo, make her favourite dishes and treat her to a sumptuous lunch or dinner. If you’re worried about the recipe, simply YouTube them and follow the instructions. 

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An Album with Your Childhood Pictures 

Compile those old, forgotten, and rare pictures of you along with your family. The first steps you took, your first day at school, endless birthday parties, vacation pictures, and more, compile into an old-fashioned album. If the pictures are online, you can get high-resolution printouts and make them into an album. Nothing can please moms more than their kids’ childhood pictures. She will cherish them and might shed a tear or two when you aren’t looking.

Hamper Pack of Cosmetics or Perfume

Does your mother have a favourite brand of cosmetics or toiletries? Or, has she been looking at some international perfume brand in a magazine? Surprise her with these items that you know she won’t ever buy for herself. Make sure they are hypoallergenic products and order well in advance if they are coming from abroad. Another great idea would be to buy her some homemade soaps with relaxing scents like lavender, and vanilla. Tie them in a gift wrap, and make her happy.

Take Her Out to a Recital or a Play

Look online for an interesting play or music/dance recital that she will like. For all those mothers who are art connoisseurs, a trip to an art gallery would be exciting as well. Now that lockdowns have been lifted all over India, your mother will enjoy these activities that she might have craved in the last couple of years. Of course, make sure that you mask up and follow all safety protocols. 

Mother’s Day is a great excuse to express love, honour, and respect for our mothers. While every day of our lives is dedicated to them, why not do something special for her on this occasion. Download the LazyPay app, and shop across brands to plan out the day for her. As the fastest way to get online credit, it will make things much simpler for you. To learn more about LazyPay’s services, you can visit the website, or follow their social media accounts

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