Last-minute purchases are often tough for most people, particularly when budgets are on the tighter side. Yet, they are sometimes unavoidable and require raising instant funds to support them alongside. How can you get help during such purchases? This is only possible with the help of instant and easy access to credit which is seldom possible with a loan that is taken for a specific purpose. You should thus set store by a unique financial solution in the form of buy now pay later apps. This concept has taken the fintech sector by storm in the country and is steadily witnessing rapid popularity across age groups and segments. 

What is buy now pay later

The buy now pay later or BNPL concept is a revolutionary financial system where customers can purchase things right away and pay for them later within a pre-specified timeline. This is usually a period of fifteen to thirty days. These are short-term credit options and people can conveniently repay their amount in an interest-free payment. There are several buy now pay later apps which are now dominating this market and one of them is undoubtedly LazyPay. It offers convenience and comfort to users throughout the entire procedure. 

How does LazyPay help with BNPL? 

LazyPay app is one of those buy now pay later apps which offer a seamless and streamlined operational procedure that is easy to understand. With this feature at LazyPay, customers can directly purchase things at their preferred apps and platforms. Some of the top names in this segment include the likes of MakeMyTrip, Swiggy, and BookMyShow among others. They can then pay the entire amount after a period of 15-30 days. This is one of the options on offer, for taking care of last-minute purchases. Imagine you have a scenario where your salary will come in after a few days or your account will be credited with some incoming funds in a 7-10 days period. You need something urgently and you can thus choose this option to purchase the same and repay it when your funds arrive within 15-30 days. 

A guide to the BNPL process 

You can directly make purchases at websites of partner brands/stores with LazyPay. There are more than 250 partner merchants at LazyPay. Find your preferred one and visit the portal/website accordingly. You will find LazyPay at the time of checkout. You can then choose the Cardless EMI or Pay Later options. Thereafter, you can confirm your purchase with a single tap. Those who are first-time users will have to use OTP-based mobile number verification. 

All you need to do is set up and activate your LazyPay credit limit. You should be between 22 and 55 years of age while hailing from major Tier 1 or Tier 2 cities. You should also be an Indian resident and a salaried professional. You will also require minimal documents, including your PAN number, net banking details (if needed for auto-repayment), bank account number and IFSC details. This will help you meet last-minute or sudden needs with ease and you can always cover yourself financially without any hassles whatsoever. 

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