Apple has announced the most sought-after iPhone SE 2022 in March’22. It is equipped with incredibly smooth graphics, a super-powerful A15 Bionic chip, iOS 15 battery life, the toughest glass of all iPhones (both front and back) and features in Midnight, Starlight and Red. It has exceptional performance and capabilities delivering a seamless user experience. But typical to the brand, these impressive premium updates carry a hefty price tag. 

But fret not. Get your hands on this third-generation phone right now without worrying about immediate payments. LazyCard a credit card alternative by LazyPay offers a limit of up to ₹5 lakhs. You can enjoy ₹500 cashback on your first card transaction as a welcome bonus and up to 5% cashback on every purchase. It has 99.5% acceptance all across India. Read on to know how it works. 

iPhone SE 2022 with a Credit Line

A digital card offers quick paperless KYC, a world of super rewards and no hidden and annual fees. Borrowers can benefit from a 30-day payback period. This way you do not have to touch your savings and impair other ongoing financial liabilities. You can simply defer the payment at the moment and focus on the phone purchase peacefully. 

Simply download the LazyPay app on your iOS or Android devices to get started. Instant credit-based transactions offer great financial convenience. They are independent of your bank account balance. This makes digital cards a more affordable and useful option than credit cards or debit cards linked to your savings or checking account. It helps to get the iPhone without hassle.

The card has been created in partnership with Visa and SBM in compliance with RBI guidelines. So, your money is safe and secured with the FinTech company. You can also enjoy low-interest rates and a lifetime free card which further enhances the iPhone purchase experience. There is complete transparency without any hidden terms and conditions.  The credit can be used to pay online or at an offline store. It comes with one tap payment to help you skip PINs and OTPs. Simply settle the payment once every 30 days without interest. Users are offered a grace period till they have the capability to pay the money back. You can get a glimpse of the LazyCard by LazyPay on their YouTube account to understand better. 

What are the Benefits of a Credit Line?

It is a good idea to work with a digital card for several good reasons. Below are a few you may want to consider before getting the app:

  • Get the card easily if you have all the KYC documents in place. The KYC verification process can be done at home in under 2 minutes, adding to your convenience.
  • Get benefits like Welcome Rewards, Instant Rewards and more.
  • There are few entry barriers to getting the LazyCard.
  • Available in both virtual and physical forms.
  • All card-related operations can be done on the app.

You can get a credit card statement every month. It will contain all the information regarding payments, purchases, outstanding amounts and available credit limits after the phone purchase. Also, check any cashback offers you are eligible to receive.

How to Apply for the Card?

This digital card process is a breeze. Visit the LazyCard tab on the LazyPay app and enter your KYC details. It will now be sent for review. The application will be approved as soon as the documents are verified and the MITC (Most Important Terms and Conditions) is reviewed and signed by you. Now you can claim the card and proceed to swipe it for the iPhone purchase. You can enjoy a flat Rs. 500 cashback on your purchase if this is your first transaction; otherwise you can get up to 5% cashback on your purchase. 


How to Manage the LazyCard?

This is vital to avoid delays in payments or defaults. So, log into your account on the app. Now you can access all the functions and information. For instance, you can check the date of your bill, due payments and upcoming offers, if any. 

A credit line is built for everyone and comes with widespread usage. You can get the amount you deserve to purchase big-ticket items without thinking twice. Do have a definite payback plan as well. Include your repayments in your financial planning to avoid missing out on any due dates. Responsible and disciplined financial behaviour can help you get the phone of your dreams easily. 

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