We netizens just love those expectations vs. reality memes, don’t we? It’s so relatable when we have similar experiences. Expectation is no work over the weekend but reality is working over the weekend. Expectation is attending office calls at your workstation in formal wear while reality is loose pyjamas and baggy T-shirts on your couch or bed. 

Expectation is having a great credit score in order to take loans and fulfill your dreams, however, reality is different. Everyone who has ever signed up on the LazyPay app has had higher credit limit expectations than what they actually get. 

Factors like credit history, credit score and repayment behaviour determine how much credit should be assigned to the user. You might not be pleased by the amount but it’s in your hands now. You can drive it any direction you want. If you want to move up in the credit limit range, you can scale new heights easily! 

Start using LazyPay more for your daily fix of fresh groceries, delicious treats, recharges and world-class entertainment and make super quick online payments on Swiggy, Zomato, Dunzo or TataSky without any extra hassles. Save the time you spend on household runs and get a lifestyle upgrade along with a higher credit limit! 

Don’t let your credit limit stand in the way of your dreams. Stop and think about the number of rewards you could be winning! 

You will never miss out on limited-time, special occasions and amazing cashback offers because when you have more credit to spend, you can order and avail offers anytime you want. Once your credit limit is improved, getting approved for loans won’t also seem like such an herculean task.

It’s the perfect way to make life more rewarding, while saving more money and time. In a nutshell, the more the number of orders, the higher your credit limit climbs and that’s how…

Expectations meet reality! 

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