If you are an existing LazyPay user, you probably know how it works. But do you know how exactly you are benefiting from using the services? You might not realise it but being a LazyPay user opens up a whole world of hidden benefits for you. Like what do you gain from LazyPay’s 15 day-repayment feature? Well, it gives you a longer credit period to clear your dues on time, great credit history record and a high credit score. 

Another one of its many benefits is that you can easily track your purchases in one place and make one consolidated bill payment. Payments can be made between 3rd & 18th at ZERO extra charges. This can prove to be a boon for those who dread borrowing money even during emergencies due to high interest charges.

As a LazyPay user, you also get access to exclusive offers on its merchant apps like Swiggy, Dunzo, Zomato, TataSky etc. Every month new cashback offers are rolled out (use it to increase your credit limit). So, not only do you end up saving more money than you spent but you also have a clear picture of spending habits in front of you to make smart financial decisions in the long run. 

Unknowingly, you are also improving your digital credit footprint which depends on credit ratings assigned to the borrower. Maintaining good repayment behaviour has never been easier. 

There’s more to it. Who doesn’t love it when online payments get through in the blink of an eye? 

It’s okay if you forget your netbanking password or PIN, are not comfortable sharing your debit card details or deal with the infuriating hassle of multiple failed OTPs. None of the above is required to checkout on an app using LazyPay. 

The factor of privacy also allows you to stay protected against incidents of online fraud and that’s another reason why the convenient buy now pay later experience has amassed a large following since its inception.

A one-tap easy checkout also means that you can save more time! Let’s face it, even 10 seconds counts in our increasingly fast-paced lives. 

Check out offers and reap the benefits today!


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