Your credit limit is the amount available for spending on day-to-day and monthly purchases across your favourite apps. Also known as micro-credit, one can utilize the entire amount and repay within 15-days. Even without a credit history, you can get your own limit and the fastest way to do it is by increasing usage on different apps that suit your daily needs.

From online delivery apps like Swiggy, Dunzo and Zomato to travel-based apps like MakeMyTrip and other subscription-based models like TataSky to Telecom apps like Vodafone are used for mobile and entertainment recharges. And guess what? You can find all of them on Lazypay!

The more you use it, the better are your chances of getting a higher limit. For instance, you can get your recharge done in about 10 seconds at the beginning or anytime of the month for that matter. At the same time, you can opt for LazyPay to order food, stock up on groceries or book tickets for your travels, events, shows or movies. All your purchases are recorded in the total due bill amount on the LazyPay app. This also helps you keep track of expenses in one place and gives you an overview of your spending habits.

Moreover, you don’t need to enter your card details, OTPs or netbanking passwords to use LazyPay. Since your bank account is linked during the registration process, you can simply tap on “Order” and get your payment done in a span of 10 seconds. You can choose to repay whenever you want, within a 15-day period at absolutely zero interest fees. You can also skip painful situations like failed transactions and payment or OTP issues and enjoy the no-fuss checkout experience every time you pay!

This hassle-free experience will keep you coming back for more as the user prefers LazyPay over other payment methods due to the ease and convenience it offers. With repeated usage, your credit limit will rise. Typically, consistent users get rewarded in three ways. Firstly, in cashbacks or rewards on their transactions and secondly, with an increase in credit limit. Lastly, if the bills are cleared on time, the good repayment behaviour definitely gives you more credibility and adds to your limit.

Additionally, getting your KYC done is also another way to enhance the limit. During registration on the LazyPay app, you can complete it easily in a few simple steps. To sum up, your credit limit is not a fixed number and can easily be increased with more usage.

So, start increasing your limit today!

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