The costs of higher education are continually on the rise throughout the country. Reports indicate clearly how higher education costs have increased exponentially throughout the country over the last few years. In this scenario, smart and sensible funding solutions are the need of the hour with regard to sponsoring your higher education costs. 

The main dilemmas faced by aspirants 

For many middle-class households, the burden of financing higher education is cumbersome, not to mention rising inflation and other worries. The onus often falls on the higher aspirant himself/herself to sponsor his/her higher education at a reputed institution in the country or abroad. However, this is where the lines start blurring between dreams and reality. Aspiring students often work for a few years before pursuing their higher education. Yet, it does put a spanner in the works since they have to keep working and saving money for many years before they can pursue higher education. 

However, inflation makes education and living costs costlier and out of reach for these aspirants and they struggle to fulfil their dreams all over again. Being young professionals who are just at the beginning of their careers, they find it hard to obtain formal credit from the system. And let’s face it; not everyone can afford the costlier and long-term education loans offered by financial institutions, which involve a high debt burden in the future and increased pressure on the family. 

Bear in mind that foreign or domestic universities have stringent timelines for applicants. Upon getting a letter of confirmation or acceptance, applicants usually scramble to meet all documentation and other requirements, while paying tuition and other fees at the time of admission and budgeting for living costs alongside. Now the question is, how can you possibly arrange for funds at a short notice? You can try the online loan application strategy at banks and financial institutions. However, you will find it hard to get your application approved since you are new to credit and do not have financial or job security as of yet. You may find it hard to get instant loan to meet your financial needs in this regard while going through a mountain of paperwork and a tedious and cumbersome procedure. 

How can you cover your higher education costs? 

If you are a salaried professional who is between 22-55 years of age, and a resident of India, then you can apply from any major Tier-1 or Tier-2 city for a personal loan. However, this instant loan will not be sanctioned by any bank or financial institution. You will get it from a unique loan app called LazyPay. All you need is to download this app, opt for the XPress Cash offering, get and set your credit limit and repayment/bank details and access credit whenever you require the same. 

Here are some core points worth noting in this regard: 

  • Get personal loans instantly up to Rs. 5 lakh as a credit limit. 
  • Repay in tenures between 3 and 24 months. 
  • Zero bank visits or collateral required for loans. 
  • You only pay interest on the amount that you withdraw or use. 
  • You can easily check your eligibility by entering some basic information and select your desired amount and EMI plan. You can also execute one-click KYC before linking your bank account and getting the funds disbursed to the same. 
  • You only require your PAN number and bank account number along with the IFSC code. Net banking may be needed for automatic repayment. You do not require any other documents or paperwork. 
  • Fully secure and digital procedure where you can also track your credit limit, status of the application, due EMIs and other information on the app. 
  • Get support and help on the move with the app. 
  • Provide PAN details and check your eligibility limit before submitting KYC information for activating the enhanced limit. Finish automatic bill payment setup and you can start using LazyPay credit thereafter. 
  • You can convert your purchases into no cost EMIs across partner stores and merchants or choose the BNPL (buy now pay later) option as well. 
  • Competitive rates of interest, depending on the loan tenure and overall applicant risk quotient. 

As you can see, sponsoring your higher education is now possible with an instant loan from LazyPay. You can use it to pay for your tuition, admission, and other fees without worrying about a lengthy and time-consuming procedure to obtain funds.

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