At only issued by lenders, India’s credit card penetration remained dismally low in 2021. You can say this is due to the reluctance of young consumers who are debt-averse. The high fees and interest rates of credit cards might be deterring them to get one. But, it’s also a fact that many individuals don’t get issued credit cards in absence of any formal credit history. If you are a 20-something individual, who has just landed your first job, you know what we are talking about.

The LazyCard has been designed exactly for you, keeping in mind all these aspects. This prepaid card is available to you in both physical and virtual form, as long as you have the required KYC documents. Keep in mind that LazyCard will provide you all the benefits of a credit card, without actually being one. Take a look at the benefits of this revolutionary offering from LazyPay, and get introduced into the world of super rewards.

No Requirement for Prior Credit History

This is an instant credit prepaid card that you can apply for regardless of your bank balance and credit history. You just need to download the LazyPay app, provide KYC details and send them for review. All documents can be uploaded online. You will be issued the LazyCard once all documents are reviewed. You will be provided with a personalised credit limit. Talk about quick and paperless KYC!

A Digital Prepaid Card

Make credit-based transactions, without having to carry around a physical card. LazyPay will offer you a virtual card as an add-on offer if you are an approved LazyCard user. This improves transactional security. We are reducing all chances of thefts, losses, or misuses.

Low-Interest Rates and No Hidden Fees

If you have been wary of credit cards due to high fees and interest rates, LazyCard is perfect for you. You can seamlessly afford to make credit transactions without racking up debt. Get rid of all worries about not being able to meet interest payments on time. LazyCard is a lifetime free card.

Instant Cashbacks

With LazyCard, you can get a ₹500 cashback instantly upon signing up and making the first transaction. Moreover, you get up to 5% cashback on each purchase. So, simplify your finances, get rewarded for spending, and leverage these extra perks that traditional credit cards or debit cards don’t offer. Not only will you avail of a fee-free card, but you also get rewards for using one too.

99.5% Acceptance Pan India

The LazyCard is accepted by every big and small retailer across India. LazyApp has partnered with over 250 of your favourite brands and apps, like Swiggy, Oyo, Practo, Zomato, Ixigo, and Amazon. Go ahead, and book plane tickets, order food, buy medicines, gadgets, and more with the LazyCard. You can also use the card for international transactions.

Safe Transactions

This Visa-powered prepaid card is safe and secure. The LazyCard has been designed in partnership with SBM and Visa and complies with all guidelines issued by the Reserve Bank of India. Your money is completely safe.

Utmost Transparency and Accessibility

The LazyPay app lets you track your credit card bill and payment date easily from the account section. You can also set alerts for payments, and get information about upcoming offers.

Boost Your Credit Score

A great credit score is important for you to get approved for home loans or car loans. In our country, young shoppers don’t have the means to build credit histories, as no formal institution would give them the opportunity in absence of one. LazyCard provides you with this scope. Make timely repayments of your bills on the app, to improve your score and credit limit as well. You can check your credit score for free on the app, as LazyPay has a partnership with CIBIL.

There you go! This is a prepaid card that provides all functionalities of a credit card, and yet doesn’t burden you with excessive paperwork, high annual costs, and extreme stress. Plus, when you download the LazyPay app, you can do more like making UPI payments, get pay-later options, personal loans, and more all at your fingertips.

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