LazyCard by LazyPay brings to you ‘The Credit You Deserve’ It is available in both virtual and physical form and mimics the features of a credit card. Users can carry out financial transactions without worrying about their bank balance. You can enjoy a lifetime free product with zero annual or hidden charges. It offers up to 5% cashback on all transactions and a ₹500 welcome gift for signing up. The card has a 99.8% acceptance rate all across India. It is powered by VISA and can be used to purchase both online and offline. 

You can get the LazyCard by LazyPay with valid KYC documents. Enjoy bigger and better super rewards at low-interest rates. The card can substitute for a personal loan and help cut down the hassle of a loan application, elaborate documents and eligibility criteria besides offering plenty of perks and benefits. Here’s how you can use this FinTech product instead of opting for a personal loan to fulfil your financial needs

  • Shop From Merchants 

A personal loan is often deemed ideal for purchasing goods and services. But a LazyCard by LazyPay streamlines the entire process by offering better convenience. It acts solely as a shopping loan to help you discover new products and offerings from more than 50 of your favourite brands in the food, travel and OTT platforms segments. Applying for a card is an easy process. Simply download the app from the Apple Store or Google Play Store. Input your KYC details, send them for a review and wait. All of this can be done from the comfort of your couch without having to visit a bank or an institution. Once the documents are verified, your application will be approved, and you are given the card for usage. 

  • Credit Rewards and Cashbacks 

The digital card offers a world of cashback rewards. So, the next time you shop on your favourite brands, you will receive ₹500 cashback on the first transaction and up to 5% instant cashback on every purchase. The card serves the typical needs of a personal loan while ensuring exciting benefits which make it all the more a viable product. Just make sure to clear the bill after every 30 days to avoid late fees and keep a healthy score. 

  • Fewer Entry Barriers 

A personal loan comes with eligibility criteria that Millennials and Gen Z may find difficult to fulfil. For example, a fixed salary amount per month or a high credit score. But this digital card has lenient rules and ensures better financial inclusion for young adults. So, use it in place of a loan without worrying about your payment history or bank details. You can enjoy all the perks of a personal loan minus the complexities involved. Swipe it at any store or punch the card at checkouts. You can make credit-based transactions without carrying around cash or a physical card. But know that the virtual credit card is an added feature being extended to existing credit card users with LazyPay. 

  • Minimal Documentation 

Getting a personal loan is fast, affordable and right at your fingertips. No collateral or bank visit is required but can be opted with basic documents. The same is applicable to a digital card from LazyPay. All you need are a PAN, Aadhar and a photograph (in the form of a selfie) to get access to funds. Users also get a whole lot of points that can be redeemed for offers. So, a credit card provides similar kinds of convenience that a personal loan does with extra perks. Just pay the balance on time to avoid tarnishing the credit score in the long run. 

  • Multiple Usages 

A digital card can be used for travel expenses, wedding costs, home repair and renovation, education and course fees and two-wheeler purchase. The funds are available whenever you need them, much like a personal loan. The card can serve a diverse range of needs without restrictions on the end usage by the lender. Further, while it is always possible to plan when it comes to life decisions, many unexpected events may derail our lives. These can dip savings or hamper ongoing investments. 

While you may think of creating an emergency bucket or opting for a personal loan, consider getting the LazyCard by LazyPay instead. Do not have to pledge security or worry about monthly EMIs. Track the spending limit and application status from the app to be able to manage the card better. 

The digital KYC process can be completed within 2 minutes. Now you can instantly receive the prepaid card and start using it right away. Make sure to clear the bill by the 3rd of every month. Work closely with the digital lender to resolve any operational issues. You can learn a little more about the card on the YouTube page of LazyPay. 

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