The scorching summers are upon us. It’s time to make the house cooler and comfortable with temperatures soaring. Especially, if you are still working from home. Summer is also the season of joy and brightness. With longer days and abundant vitamin D, we have plenty of time and energy to spruce up the home and bring in elements that help beat the heat.

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So, let’s look at some tips to make your home summer-ready.

De-Clutter the House 

Create an airy feel inside the house by removing clutter. Stash away the winter clothes, and empty your cabinets to bring in summer items. Space out the furniture. You could also sell a few of them if you think they are just taking up space without adding any value. This will create a breathable space for easy movement and aid in cross-ventilation. Keep the doors and windows open in the evening to let in the fresh air.

Go Natural with Interior Fabrics

Get rid of thick and furry rugs or cushion covers. Cotton is the best choice for bedding and sofas in summer. Opt for breathable fabrics like cotton, and linen for cushion covers, bed sheets, and more. Natural fabrics are good for the skin and environment too. Choose attractive colours to liven up the décor. Instead of silk carpets, you can use stylish dhurries or let the floor remain bare.

Time to Spruce up the Green Element 

Get potted plants for your garden, and interiors. Some plants suited for summer include Zinnia, Petunia, Hibiscus, and Bougainvillea. Indoor plants can be a great way to purify the air and cool the interiors. Keep them on the window sills to bring the temperature down. You can choose English Ivy or peace lily to reduce indoor humidity. Many varieties like sunflower, lemongrass, areca palm, baby rubber plant, aloe vera, and more also remove toxins from the air. Keep them on the balconies or near your workstation.

Get the AC Serviced 

To enable energy efficiency, ensure that the air conditioners in the house are serviced ahead of summer, and their filters are cleaned. Dirty air filters restrict cooling, increase energy bills, and also lead to AC breakdowns. You can book your AC Servicing through Urban Company and enjoy a quick and smooth checkout process via LazyPay. If you don’t want to invest in an AC, opt for air coolers instead.

Get Heavy Blinds or Buy Bamboo Blinds 

Look for ways to naturally bring down interior temperatures and reduce the load on your AC. Switch to heavier window drapes and shut them during scorching afternoons. A significant portion of unwanted heat comes in from the windows. Installing bamboo blinds could also limit the ‘greenhouse effect’. Bamboo blinds can be installed in verandas, and doorways too. You can also use shading devices on the windows to minimise the heat.

Install Cool and Energy Efficient Lights 

Look for cooler lighting fixtures, to reduce heat inside your home. Choose LED lamps or compact fluorescent rather than incandescent bulbs. They not only cool the interiors but also save energy. Try some mood lighting to add to a pleasant ambience. 

Bring in Water Elements to Strategic Places 

Fountains and water features not only serve as Feng Shui water elements, but they can also cool the interiors. Place a tabletop fountain or something that sits on the floor. You can also make a DIY centrepiece using a plant bowl and fill it with water. Put in some pebbles, and fresh leaves or flowers. This will add positive vibes to the environment. However, make sure you don’t overdo this. Too many fountains or water bowls can humidify the interiors. Rather, place these bowls in areas where the breeze blows in, and add to the cooling effect. 

Freshen Up the Walls with Soothing Colours 

Summers can be a great time to add a fresh coat of paint to your walls. Opt for lighter tones that reflect light and heat. Neutral colours like shades of green, along with cooler tones like beige and blues can be ideal. You can also add floral prints to bring in the brighter side of summer.

Earthen Pots for Drinking Water

Keep yourself hydrated in the summers. Earthen clay water pots can be great to cool water naturally and neutralise the PH level of the water too. It’s a simple way to bring back those childhood days when refrigerators and RO purifiers were absent in our lives. 

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