A harmony between work and fun is known to promote office culture. It can assure better communication, increased productivity and a motivational boost. Your workers are likely to create a positive workspace and reduce the chances of friction. ‘Fun’ is quite an expansive word and a core element of employee satisfaction. It can uplift the spirit of the whole organisation and bring out better collaboration, creativity and competition. 

So, employers are often on the lookout for highly engaging and enthusiastic ideas. It is ideal to pick both in-person and virtual activities since not all offices have fully opened up. For example, classic board games, quizzes and challenges are easy and convenient for all. These are useful for both large and small businesses alike. 

However, this can involve some amount of expenses. Fret not! You can consider LazyPay’s credit card alternative – LazyCard. It is fast, affordable and available at your fingertips. No physical visits or collaterals are required to activate this facility. It can help you arrange for a fun-filled weekend without worries, as this digital card offers a credit limit upto Rs. 5 lakhs. 

  • Weekend Getaway 

A trip with your corporate buddies is an interactive experience. You can get to know one another outside work which fosters better relationships. Head over to scenic beaches, national parks, mountains or the backwaters for a great chill session. You can book multiple activities like river rafting, boating, camping, therapies, toy train rides, trekking and safaris with a personal loan without worrying about a tight budget. Work with a FinTech company that has basic eligibility criteria and simple documents to speed up the process.  It will help you pay for the expenses without having to touch your office funds. 

  • Creative Workshops 

What better way to get your employees to come out of their shells? Well, let them get their hands dirty with pottery, painting, baking, cooking or DIY art and craft together. It can also act as a great ice-break session where they can re-introduce themselves. You can set up different activities and let them pick and choose as per their interests. But avoid competitive or fast-paced activities to avoid discords. You can use a portion of your credit line to pay for the registration fees, materials, venue costs and refreshments. Simply download the LazyPay app on your Android or iOS devices to start the application procedure. 

  • Happy Hour 

This can be an exciting virtual event without having to step out of your house. Consider a personal loan and use the money to send lunch or dinner to your employees. Share the meal together on-screen over jokes and anecdotes. It can work as a thrilling get-together in your PJs on a Friday night or a Saturday afternoon. But make sure to check everyone’s availability beforehand for a successful get-together. 

  • Karaoke Night

Singing your heart out helps relieve a lot of work stress. It is known to release the feel-good hormones called endorphins which can ensure a happy mental state. Employees also get a chance to socialise while stimulating their brains, improving memory and showcasing hidden talents. In fact, singing on stage is a great confidence-building activity that is ideal for introverted personalities. Those who do not wish to participate can simply enjoy the show. You can either set up a stage with mood lighting and equipment or book a club hosting these special nights. The BNPL services from LazyPay can help you tick off your financial needs. You can pay back later within the next 30 days without hassle. All you will need is a PAN card, ID and address proof and your digital signature. 

  • Wellness Activities 

A spa or a sauna session could be a great cure to the whole week’s fatigue. Your employees are likely to feel relaxed, rejuvenated and energized. These also offer excellent physical benefits like reducing joint pain, improving blood circulation and enhancing the sleep cycle.  Consider yoga or meditation as well. Deep breathing helps manage stress and anxiety. Apply for a LazyCard with a 100% paperless procedure. This is the fastest way to get funds online. You can use it to pay for the incurred expenses. 

Buy now Pay Later services are an excellent option when it comes to quick cash. But make sure to pay back right on time to avoid staining your credit score. You can check the spending limits, application status and dues on the app itself. Head over to their social handles of LazyPay like Facebook or their official website to learn how it works. Don’t forget to complete your KYC details to be able to use the funds freely. 

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