Personal loans for travel have already become a thing, as evident through the rising numbers at leading fintech platforms and apps. More and more people are taking these loans to fulfill their travel goals. With the COVID-19 pandemic acting as a major disruptor over the last two years, for many people, it is about making up for lost time, while some are more inclined towards pursuing their bucket lists today instead of the future. These sentiments have naturally buoyed the personal loan segment, with travel becoming a major growth driver for the same. 

The need for most consumers is short-term loans which come with convenient repayment terms and conditions (read EMI plans) and are easier to obtain and manage. While getting through the personal loan apply and verification procedures are much easier today, proper fiscal management while traveling is also a must. What are we talking about? 

When you take a personal loan for travel, you should use the funds wisely, in order to maximize what you get out of the experience, instead of randomly spending the funds which you will only have to repay later on. Here are a few tips that you should always keep in mind. 


  • Transportation tickets are the main cost- No matter where you travel (and unless you’re determined to go for a 5-star hotel), your main cost will be your transportation tickets. What you can do is allocate the lion’s share of your personal loan amount for booking the same. Try and book tickets in advance if you are traveling by train/flight. Check the internet and leading platforms for deals, offers, and discounts. These may often help you shave off a significant portion of the travel cost. Go economy and sometimes adjust with longer layovers or other conditions in order to get lower prices. You can also check out BNPL apps like LazyPay who have tie-ups with travel merchants offering great deals on bookings.  


  • Do not forget your hotel tickets- In most cases, you can get discounts on your hotel bookings if you book through the right aggregators or platforms. You can also contact the hotel directly to negotiate discounts in case it is a bulk booking. Remember that hotels are always cheaper in the off-season. At least stick to a non-peak season in order to get fabulous accommodation at unbelievably low prices. Try and get a deal where you get complimentary breakfast at least, or all/some of your meals included in the overall package. 


  • Sightseeing and entry passes- List all of them out and see which ones you can book in advance to avoid crowds. There are often multi-attraction tours and passes offered by several cities, regions, or States. These help you save money on your trip. 


  • Going public- Always use public transportation as much as possible during your trip in order to save more money. If a cab is unavoidable, see whether you can negotiate a good deal with the driver/aggregator. If possible, get someone you know there to book the point-to-point cab/transportation for you. 


  • Budget something for personal expenditure- Always remember to allocate a certain sum for meals, shopping, transit costs, and the like. This should be around 10-15% of the total travel package cost. 


  • Try local cuisines and experiences- Local experiences and meals will not cost you the moon, but leave you with loads of fun memories for a lifetime. Visit local eateries and outlets for cheap but filling meals. Go on walks by yourself to explore the neighborhood. Use Maps and translation apps if you have to. The more you go local, the more you can save, while experiencing the actual culture and feel of any destination. 


These are some tips that you should use in order to plan an attractive holiday package for which you have taken a personal loan. Remember that the funds should be wisely allocated in order to make the most of the opportunity. At the same time, do not forget things like travel insurance. Also check whether your cards will be accepted where you are traveling. If required, carry some cash with you, since paying by cards in foreign countries (for international travelers) will incur charges. To get an XPress Cash loan from LazyPay, simply download the app. You will be asked for your basic details and will undergo a KYC verification process. Post this, you will receive the loan amount you are eligible for in under 5 minutes which can go upto Rs. Five Lakh, and can withdraw the funds you need immediately. 

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