A digital card is great for many reasons. You can access credit when you need it and keep cash transactions to a minimum. It’s a good idea to choose a digital card that is widely accepted by a large number of merchants.

As a responsible consumer, you must know what to look for in a digital card to choose the right one. So, here are a few things that the average Indian customer looks for in a digital card. 

Instant Credit

The average Indian customer faces cash crunches. Some find themselves counting the days till their next payday and being forced to defer even urgent expenses. And to add to these troubles, they also find themselves unable to get a credit card in India. In fact, as per a study by GlobalData, only 5 out of every 100 Indians have a credit card, proving the penetration rate to be significantly less. Digital cards are filling this gap through their convenient services. A digital card can give you access to funds just when you need them. Whether an appliance at home has suddenly conked off or you need to travel for a job interview, the instant availability of funds can ease your life. With seamless transactions, you don’t need to worry about your account balance.

A Completely Digital Experience

Being digital natives, millennials and Gen Zers prefer digital-first experiences. In India, around 34% of the population comprises millennials, while Gen Z comprises 27%. This means over 60% of Indians prefer a seamless digital experience, which is what a digital card like the LazyCard offers. You can submit your documents online and access the card. It offers all the convenience of an app. You can make purchases using the card and repay via EMIs with just a few swipes on your smartphone. It’s possible to instantly track your card payments and make informed financial decisions. 

Cashback Offers

It’s possible to choose a digital card that offers cashback. For instance, the LazyCard offers a cashback of ₹500 on your first card transaction and up to 5% cashback on every purchase. Moreover, this cashback is reflected instantly. This has encouraged more customers to make purchases easily.


The average Indian is very conscious when making transactions online. This is why they choose digital cards that offer a high level of transparency. For example, the lender must have a properly documented policy and Fair Practices Code for card operations. It should incorporate various rules and regulations laid by the RBI. Further, they offer customers a sufficient number of days for making repayments before interest is charged.

Lifetime Free and No Hidden Fees

People tend to choose a digital card that does not levy any joining fees or annual charges. This is especially true for young Indian adults, who have just entered the workforce. They can use the card and save a great deal. The average Indian customer is aware of fees charged on one-time and recurring fees as well as the fees per transaction charged by various credit cards. What’s worse is that many cards have hidden fees even when they claim to be free. This includes cash advance fees, maintenance charges, and exceeding limit charges. This is the reason consumers choose LazyCard, which has no hidden fees. This helps to plan your finances and avoid any surprises later in the month. 

Flexible Credit Limit

Variable expenses have a great impact on your budget. These include the costs that change over time depending on the usage of products or services. For example, groceries, dining out, home repairs, gas and electricity bills can be different each month. You might require higher limits according to changing needs. You can choose a digital card that offers a limit of up to ₹5 lakhs to serve a wide range of purposes. And as you keep paying your bills, your limit also keeps increasing to accommodate your changing lifestyle. 

Regular Card Statements 

This is a document sent by the lender every month. It contains information related to the due date, purchases, payments, available amounts and the credit limit. You can also see any rewards or points that you have accumulated. With a digital card, you can instantly view this information on your smartphone, which helps to plan your financials.

Most Indian customers are highly aware of the pros and cons of various payment methods and extremely careful when choosing one. This has supported the growing popularity of digital cards.

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