India is one of the leading markets for digital payments worldwide, with its vibrant and massive young workforce, strong emphasis on fintech developments, and government initiatives. The volume of such payments increased 33% YoY in F.Y. 2021-22, signifying the popularity of online channels. The young shoppers used to instant gratifications on their devices want the ease of access, convenience, and fast credit options to support their purchases big and small.

Digital cards or virtual cards are becoming a part of this growing ecosystem. As the name suggests, digital cards are virtual forms of your regular credit cards, that can be used to carry transactions online as well as in physical stores. The card has a CVV, expiry date, and card number, which can only be seen online. With quick, paperless KYC, enhanced credit limits, and fast approvals they are becoming a go-to option for millennials and Gen Zers who are usually sceptical about piling up debt. In most cases, their lack of credit history doesn’t make them eligible to apply for one. 

LazyCard by LazyPay takes all these factors into account, to provide consumers with a virtual prepaid card that they can carry around on their devices anywhere. It also opens doors to a huge world of cashback offers. Take a look at its long list of benefits.

Fewer Entry Barriers 

As long as you have the required KYC documents, you can get approval for LazyCard. You need to download the LazyPay app, visit the LazyCard tab, and fill in the required information. Upload your documents online, and you will be approved for this prepaid card. 

Ease of Access and Security 

A digital card offers convenience as well as data security. You don’t need to key in your card information at every checkout process and keep your online identity secure. The card number is generated for a specific period to make transactions. In absence of a physical card, there are no risks of card theft and misuse. The LazyCard by LazyPay is available in both physical and virtual forms for a hassle-free checkout experience.

Widespread Acceptance Across India 

Powered by Visa, the card is accepted by major and small merchants across India ranging from food delivery platforms, travel bookings, and groceries, to OTT platforms and other brands. You can make credit-based transactions for several large-ticket purchases. You can use the card in offline stores as well. 

No Interest Rates and No Hidden Fees

Not only is this card lifetime free, but it also does not levy any interest, making it perfect for young 20-somethings who might have just started their careers. If you have been hesitant about applying for a credit card due to the high fees involved, this could be an option for you. 

Enhanced Credit Limit

With an enhanced credit limit of up to ₹5 lakhs, you can make necessary purchases and pay back the amount within 30 days. Moreover, if you are already a user of the LazyCard buy now pay later (BNPL) product, the LazyCard can add to your overall limit. For instance, if your BNPL limit is ₹1000, and your LazyCard limit is ₹10,000, your total LazyPay limit is ₹11,000. 

Instant Cashback

With the digital card, you can earn attractive cashback on every purchase. A ₹500 cashback is offered on your first card transaction. Later, you can get up to 5% cashback on every purchase. Moreover, you can get rewards for referrals.

Track Card Usage and Other Details Seamlessly

Track all card-related transactions, and details on the Credit Card app conveniently. Stay aware of your spending limit, usage, due dates, upcoming offers, and other details on the app. Get alerts for timely payments, and improve your credit score with a good repayment history. The more you improve your credit score,the more your credit limit can also increase on the app. With an increased credit limit, you will be able to withdraw more cash from the ATM if you want.

Secure Transactions

LazyCard adheres to all RBI guidelines. Created in partnership with Visa, and SBM, the digital card enables secure transactions on all platforms. You can block the card immediately if you detect any security threat.

LazyCard by LazyPay is not just a digital credit card; it’s a revolutionary financial product that is bringing easy access to credit for people of all ages, and salary brackets. It eliminates the hassles of applying for traditional credit cards and then ensuring their safety in your wallets. With complete transparency, accessibility, and easy credit terms you can complete all your aspirational and emergency purchases regardless of the amount in your bank account.

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