You should consider an online personal loan for a medical emergency without any doubts. Why is this statement imperative in today’s scenario? You should remember that an online loan is what will give you instant access to funds and that helps tremendously when you face a medical emergency. Here’s taking a look at why you should choose a personal loan for meeting any medical emergency. 

Medical emergencies and the usual ways of dealing with them

Medical emergencies never come with any prior warning. They suddenly impact loved ones or family members, possibly leaving you in a soup with regard to arranging for the funds for treatment and hospitalization. This is where most people struggle with regard to taking care of their dear ones in the best possible manner while keeping their financial position intact. The increasing cost of medical treatments means that many expenses do not often have full coverage under insurance plans. Hence, the insured person’s family members have to pay the remaining amount. Combined with tricky entry barriers like confusion over picking the right plan amongst many, the seemingly never-ending paperwork, gatekeeping in terms of who is eligible to get the insurance, and the painstaking coordination in getting funds during an already stressful time makes this process cumbersome for many. 

Some insurance plans also come with co-payment clauses and several exclusions which are payable by the insured person or his/her family members. These are scenarios that necessitate additional costs for taking care of medical emergencies. There are also scenarios where one has to be admitted first and some initial payments made before the insurance plan kicks in and offers coverage for the same. Before getting reimbursements, one has to pay this amount and this is where funds are steadily required. At the same time, there are several other costs that come into play at times, including getting nurses beyond duty hours, transportation costs, medicines, and more. 

Most people usually tackle these emergencies by dipping into their savings and exhausting them completely. Some take loans from friends, family members, colleagues or their organizations which they struggle to repay later on. Some also take costly loans from lenders. There are several hassles involved in the last option as well. If you are applying for a personal loan to cover a medical emergency at a regular lender/financial institution, then you may have to go through a long and time-consuming procedure that requires more time and paperwork. This will automatically lead to several problems, especially when you have the treatment of a loved one to pay for. 

What is the way out of these problems? 

Imagine if you had a pre-approved and verified credit limit for a lifetime, where you could smoothly withdraw money as per your own requirements. This is possible with LazyPay. You can get instant online personal loan up to Rs. 1 lakh from LazyPay’s XPress Cash offering as well. You can enjoy a fully digital procedure without any huge paperwork or bank visits. You do not have to provide any collateral and can get convenient repayment options with competitive rates of interest. You only pay interest on the amount that you withdraw from your approved credit limit and not the entire sum. You only have to provide some basic data to check your eligibility. The entire procedure only requires your PAN details, Aadhar Card, photograph and bank account and IFSC code. 

The eligibility checker is fast and once you get your enhanced credit limit (by completing one-click KYC and linking your bank account), you can apply for your online loan accordingly as per your chosen tenure. You only have to be between 22 and 55 years of age while residing in any major Tier-1 or Tier-2 Indian city. You should be salaried professional and an Indian resident to meet the eligibility criteria at LazyPay. You can download the LazyPay app and start on the eligibility checker procedure. Get and activate your credit limit and keep funds accessible for meeting all your requirements, including medical emergencies. In such times, you need not run here and there in search of funds. You can simply withdraw money from your credit limit and repay the same conveniently minus any hassles. 

This automatically makes LazyPay the best choice for meeting such needs of individuals and households. The money can be used for various other purposes as well. Even if you have not obtained your credit limit till now and require funds urgently, you can still get personal loan instantly since the entire procedure will take very little time and the funds are swiftly disbursed to your account as well. 

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