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Why LazyPay Credit Shield
3 reasons you should activate LazyPay Credit Shield
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Get credit report worth Rs.1200 for FREE through LazyPay's partnership with CIBIL.
Track changes in your credit score & misreportings
Get personalised alerts on missed payments and protect yourself from misreporting
Learn and improve your credit score using expert insights
Improve your credit score to unlock the things you want — like a better deal on credit card, better interest rates on loans and much more.

What is a Credit Score? And why is it important?

A Credit Score is a value that stands as proof for an individual’s capacity to pay back money borrowed from a financial institution. Maintaining a good Credit Score is essential if you are planning on applying for a Credit Card or a loan such as a personal loan or a home renovation loan.

Banking and non-banking financial institutions will take your Credit Score into account to decide whether you are capable of paying back in time or if there is a reason to decline your application. Several factors are considered while calculating an individual’s Credit Score, including - credit history, repayment behavior, the existing line of credit, type, and the number of accounts. Generally, it takes about 18 to 36 months to achieve a satisfactory Credit Score. The better your Credit Score, the more benefits you will get to enjoy as well have the power to negotiate better interest on loans.

Not everybody finds it easy to stay up-to-date with payments. Delays can lead to lowering your Credit Score and hence, affecting your line of credit. Step in, LazyPay’s Credit Shield. LazyPay provides customers with easy access to their Credit Reports. Now, think of the Credit Shield like a suit of armour that protects you from harm’s way (in this case, avoiding a decrease in your Credit Score). Through alerts and updates, Credit Shield helps you to stay on track with their Credit Score and inch your way closer to the 900-mark