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Q – What is LazyPay?

Ans: LazyPay is an innovative payment service that has been built to provide you an easy payment option for your day-to-day purchases. Today, even for a single movie ticket purchase, you are required to press more than 25 keys on your keyboard. With LazyPay, it’s just a step away. LazyPay offers ease of transaction at multiple merchants. You have flexibility to club all LazyPay transactions and make consolidated payments through LazyPay dashboard. Consolidated invoice summary is generated on 1st & 16th of every month. You can pay back the amount right after the transaction until the next due date to avoid late penalty charges. Due date is 3 days post the invoice summary generation.

Q – What are the benefits of LazyPay?

Ans: LazyPay is the fastest and simplest way to make payment. The speed of payment ensures that you never miss out on your favourite products or your favourite movie. What’s more, you need not pay us in advance. Just pay us after you have availed the service.

Q – Who all can use LazyPay?

Ans: This service is offered to select customers based on our internal assessment. If you wish to avail this service, just click here to sign-up for LazyPay.

Q – What is the limit for which I can use LazyPay?

Ans: LazyPay limit is defined by LazyPay team for each customer from time-to-time. You can log into our customer portal to know your limit.

Q – How can I payback to LazyPay?

Ans: To make a payment to LazyPay, click "Pay Now" link in your payment reminder mail/SMS or click "Pay Now" on the dashboard once you are logged in into www.lazypay.in. You can choose to either pay down last billed amount or the total outstanding amount on that date. You can pay using your credit card, debit card or net banking.

Q – When do I need to pay back to LazyPay?

Ans: While we recommend you to pay LazyPay at the earliest after the transaction, you are required to settle payments at fixed intervals of time. A LazyPay statement is generated twice a month: (1) 16th of every month – For all transactions between 1 – 15th Midnight. (2) 1st of every month – For all transactions carried out between 16th – 30th/31st of previous month. After the statement is generated, the payment must be made within 3 days to avoid late penalty charges and in extreme cases discontinuation of service.

Q – Why is it important to pay LazyPay back?

Ans: You must pay LazyPay on time to avoid penalty charges and continue to use the service for your benefit. Your future borrowing capabilities might get impacted in case of non-payment as LazyPay reserves the right to share this information with lenders. Currently, penalty charges are Rs. 10 per day of non-payment.

Q – What are the charges for using LazyPay?

Ans: LazyPay is an absolutely free service to use, provided you complete payment for your outstanding amount before the cut-off date. In case you are unable to pay the outstanding amount before the cut-off date, a penalty of Rs. 10 per day will be levied till the payment is settled. We sincerely recommend that you complete the payment before the cut-off date.

Q – Where all can I use LazyPay?

Ans: LazyPay currently can be used at multiple merchant websites/app. Click here to see the list of merchants. We are constantly adding more merchants to the list of LazyPay-accepting merchants. Keep visiting this page for more information .

Q –I have used LazyPay in past, but unable to use it now. What should I do?

Ans: You may be unable to complete the transaction using LazyPay due to any of the following reasons: (1) Account blocked: This could happen when your account is blocked due to either an incorrect or suspicious attempt or is blocked due to potential risks. What you need to do: Contact our customer care to activate your account. (2) Limit exhausted: You have already utilized the maximum amount that was allocated to your usage and you need to settle payments before you carry out more transactions. What you need to do: Make payment immediately. (3) Other reasons: you could face a temporary issue due to multiple reasons at the merchant or at LazyPay end. While the chances of such occurrences are low, there may still be a possibility of an issue arising. What you need to do: try again after some time and if the problem persists, contact our customer care helpline. You will be able to know the exact reason for the failed transaction.

Q – My LazyPay account has been deactivated. What should I do?

Ans: We may block your LazyPay account for two major reasons: (1) Suspicious activity : In case there is suspicious activity in your account such as multiple incorrect password attempts, we will block your account for your own safety. You need to contact customer care for reactivation of your account. (2) Non-payment of invoiced amount : In case you have not paid your outstanding dues despite repeated reminders, then your account will be blocked from further use. To reactivate your account, please pay the entire outstanding amount, and then contact customer care for reactivation.

Q – How do I deactivate my LazyPay account, if I do not need it?

Ans: To deactivate this service call our customer care.

Q – I have purchased using LazyPay but the merchant did not deliver the goods.

Ans: LazyPay is only a payment option provided to the customer and does not guarantee delivery of goods or service. Please read the merchant terms and conditions carefully before transacting with the merchant.

Q – What should I do if the goods delivered to me are not satisfactory?

Ans: Please contact your merchant for further action.

Q – My LazyPay account has been misused. What should I do?

Ans: If you believe your LazyPay account has been misused, then we request you to immediately call our customer care to report the incident. We will immediately block your account to prevent further misuse before further investigating the matter.

Q – Why should I trust LazyPay?

Ans: LazyPay is a product developed and launched by PayU India. PayU is synonymous with trust and has grown to be the undisputed leader in online payments in India. PayU has powered more than 150M transactions and $4.2B of processing in the last 12 months. 30M consumers trust using PayU at more than 200,000 merchants.