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Check your limit in app using only mobile number & PAN

What is the eligibility criteria with LazyPay?

To get approved and to enhance your LazyPay limit, check your eligibility against the following criteria:

  • Age : You must be between 22-55 years old
  • City : All major tier I and tier II cities
  • Salaried
  • Resident of India

What Documents do I need?

Keep these documents handy to speed up the sign-up process

  • Photo ID proof List
  • Address proof List
  • Bank details (a/c no, IFSC code)
  • A selfie Guidelines

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The best investment for the future: A good education

Education lays the groundwork for a successful life. But securing the best education for your child may not always come easily – which is why a personal loan for education can make your child’s and your dreams come true.

Unknown to you, your precious child is growing in both body and mind every single day. He or she already has fixed opinions and a growing sense of perception of the world they live in. Soon, they will be teenagers and then young adults, wishing to take up higher studies that give them the opportunity to pursue their passions.

As a parent, you are focused on providing your child with every resource required for them to grow into well-rounded, responsible citizens of tomorrow. This starts with providing them with the necessary impetus to think and act maturely – and providing a good education lays the foundation for future success in many ways.

After all, an educated child will grow up into a mature adult with a worldview. But it all starts with having access to quality education in India.

A good education: Laying the groundwork for a successful future

There is never a disadvantage to getting a good education – as a parent, you are cognisant of the importance of giving your child the best academic grounding you can provide. When your child receives a degree or a post graduate qualification in a stream of their choice, their chances of blazing a successful trail in their chosen profession is automatically increased.

Primary schooling is available to all children in India. In fact, the Right To Education (RTE) mandates that every child between the ages of 6 and 14 years have the fundamental right to an education. Schools are mandated to manage their resources and maintain class strength to incorporate children from all strata of society.

  • However, higher education is not free and open to all. And so, if the parent is unable to meet the demands of graduate or post-graduation studies in India, it automatically means that the child must compromise on their dreams.
  • There is no disputing the fact that a good education provides the groundwork for all the future successes and challenges that life throws your child’s way. The degree they receive is their passport to a bright future, which includes a good job, high negotiating power for a higher salary, or the smarts required to even start their own business.
  • Heaven forbid, if they were to not do as spectacularly in their profession as they (or you) originally envisioned, your child’s educational background can give them the self-confidence to pitch for another line of work. All in all, there are no downsides to receiving a quality education.

But the question is: are you financially equipped to give your child the chance to fly into a successful future? Or to put it simply, are you certain that your income and savings can meet the demands of expensive higher education in India?

A personal loan for education: Finance for your child’s studies

Higher education is prohibitively expensive in India, with the costs of both graduation and post-graduation courses rising exponentially over the years. Your child is quite young today, but by the time they become 18 years of age and can pick a stream of their choice, costs will have gone up further. The course that costs Rs 20 lakh today might cost double the amount a decade later.

A look at your finances paints a slightly grim picture: you are not 100% certain that you can finance your child’s expensive higher education without compromising your own finances and future goals. Apart from their education, you must also think about their future wedding costs, which forms another major head of expense.

The good news is, you can opt for a personal loan for education that covers the cost of higher studies that your income and savings may not. Leading financial institutions like LazyPay offer simple, quick education loans that can pay tuition fees, hostel and mess costs, study material, travel expenses, etc.

Here’s taking a look at LazyPay’s education loan offering that you can finance your child’s studies with:

  • Instant personal loan for education up to Rs 1,00,000
  • Check your unique credit limit on the LazyPay website or smartphone app after filling in a few basic details
  • Get immediate approval to take a loan of Rs 10,000
  • Pay interest only on the loan amount you borrow
  • Repay the loan with flexible EMI plans spanning 3 to 24 months
  • Use online calculators on the website or LazyPay app to know your monthly EMI based on the principal amount and tenure (in months)
  • Apply for the loan to get the personal loan for marriage processed soon

The primary benefits of taking a student loan

Apart from the obvious benefit of being able to provide your child with the tools and resources to secure their future, a personal loan for education also has some other tangible benefits, such as:
  • Easily available: Every leading bank and financial institution in India offers personal loans that can be used for educational purposes in India.
  • Teaches your child about responsibility: The student loan certainly reduces the immediate financial burden of financing your child’s higher studies. But it also tells your child to take their studies seriously, since their education comes at a personal cost to you.
  • Easy repayment: LazyPay offers easy repayment terms for all personal loan products. Do check with them about repayment options. They have multiple EMI plans to choose from, that makes the repayment much easier.

LazyPay takes away the worry associated with funding your child’s education. Now all you need to do is get the student loan money in hand and help your child plan their future. As a parent, it is your dream as well, to see your child take flight into the most glorious future they can create for themselves – with a little help from LazyPay! Download the LazyPay app on your phone to get started.