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Check your limit in app using only mobile number & PAN

What is the eligibility criteria with LazyPay?

To get approved and to enhance your LazyPay limit, check your eligibility against the following criteria:

  • Age : You must be between 22-55 years old
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What Documents do I need?

Keep these documents handy to speed up the sign-up process

  • Photo ID proof List
  • Address proof List
  • Bank details (a/c no, IFSC code)
  • A selfie Guidelines

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Because a medical emergency never comes with prior warning…

Dealing with a sudden medical event can be a daunting task, more so because of the high costs involved. A personal loan can be the perfect solution to meet the high expense of treatment.

It is true what they say about nothing being permanent in life except change. What seems like a peaceful, idyllic existence today is rocked to its foundation in the next instant. Life changes in the blink of an eye, and when it does, it takes you by complete surprise. You are left in doubt and severe uncertainty about the future.

The worst of it is when something happens that not only makes you extremely anxious, but which also requires you to scramble for money to find a solution. One such situation is a medical emergency. It can occur at any time, to anyone, regardless of age and background. And when it does, it can shock you to your core.

A medical emergency can turn your world upside down…

You do not wish to see a loved one suffer at any time. But the vagaries of life are such that a medical mishap almost always occurs without warning.

That harmless bump on your skin that turned out to be second stage melanoma or that belly-ache your mother complained about that turned into full-blown ulceritis. Or you were working at the office when you received a call that your spouse had met with an accident. Worse still, your darkest fears were confirmed when your child suffered from a dangerous illness and required prolonged hospitalisation.

We don’t mean to upset you with morbid scenarios. But it is better to be prepared with the knowledge that life can change for the worse in a split second. The point is, medical emergencies can make your world spiral out of control. The shock and grief are accompanied by untold stress, but you must put your personal feelings aside and get to work at once, arranging for immediate treatment and surgery, and being there for yourself or your loved one in this distressing time.

And therein lies the catch.

Medical treatment is expensive in India…

Though the worst that can happen is that a medical emergency has arisen, there is another practical matter that you must attend to at once. And this involves gathering the money to go ahead with the treatment or immediate surgery.

  • Medical treatment is prohibitively expensive in India. A single night in the hospital can bite into a chunk of your income.
  • Even the most prescribed medication is quite expensive – this gave rise to the recent push for generic drugs that cost much less, for serious illnesses.
  • Whenever a person must be admitted for testing or treatment, it involves a long-drawn series of expenses including daily bed/room rent charges, doctor’s visits, daily medicines, diagnostic tests and scans, surgery costs, post-operative care, and so much more.
  • If you or a loved one requires prolonged hospitalisation, or a regular course of treatment for a serious disease, then the costs of treatment are quite immense. It is little wonder that many people are afraid of getting health check-ups done: the fear stems not just from finding out a grim diagnosis, but also from potentially having to foot the costs of expensive treatment.

What happens if you don’t have the financial wherewithal to deal with treatment costs? You can hardly stave off treatment because it is too expensive. But at the same time, where can you gather the necessary resources from, at short notice?

The good news is, there is an excellent solution in the form of a medical loan. Let’s look at this product in some detail in the following sections.

The medical emergency loan: How it helps

  • This is a loan product that can give you access to a large sum of money quite quickly.
  • It is actually a personal loan that you can use as a medical loan for the purposes of starting/continuing treatment for yourself or a close family member.
  • Emergency loans of this nature are offered by leading financial institutions like LazyPay. The application process is simple and the loan is disbursed quite quickly – you are not made to run around filing reams of paperwork to get the money. Time is of the essence during a medical event, and the medical emergency loan proves to be a boon at this time.
  • Many people defer medical treatment because they do not have the necessary finances to deal with the event. This is problematic: the more you delay treatment, the more serious the problem becomes. But when you take a medical loan, you can start treatment right away instead of waiting.

How do I apply for a LazyPay personal loan?

LazyPay extends a personalized limit to users through a simple process:
  • Sign up on the app & provide PAN details to check your eligible limit, instantly!
  • To activate your enhanced limit, submit your KYC details.
  • Then, complete your auto bill payment setup & done!
  • You can start using your enhanced LazyPay credit limit as an instant loan, convert to No cost EMIs on partner merchants or buy now pay later in One Tap!

The LazyPay medical loan solution: Why it helps in times of an emergency

Consider the following important features of the LazyPay personal loan or emergency loan for medical treatment:

  • Instant personal loan up to Rs 1,00,000
  • Check your unique credit limit on the LazyPay website or smartphone app after filling in a few basic details
  • Get immediate approval to take a loan of Rs 10,000
  • Pay interest only on the loan amount you borrow
  • Repay the loan with flexible EMI plans spanning 3 to 24 months
  • Use online calculators on the website or LazyPay app to know your monthly EMI based on the principal amount and tenure (in months)
  • Apply for the loan to get the medical emergency loan processed soon

What are the documents required for a LazyPay personal loan?

Keep the following items ready when you’re applying for a personal loan in app:

  • PAN Card
  • Identity proof & address proof (Aadhar Card)
  • Bank details for repayment setup
  • Pen & paper for signature upload

LazyPay takes away the worry associated with funding an emergency medical mishap. Now all you need to do is get the medical loan money in hand and plan the future course of action, whether it is to take a second opinion, go for a further round of tests, or opt for immediate hospitalisation and surgery. It all becomes much easier when you have sufficient money in hand to meet your needs, with a quick and easy medical emergency loan. Download the LazyPay app on your phone to get started.